Home Burglary Tips
By Avi Ben David

Let’s deal with a few basics of home burglary.

First of all, let’s take a look at who commits burglaries, when are they committed, and what type of home or under what circumstances is a home likely to be targeted.

Most burglaries occur during the daytime when the occupants are away either at home or at school. The summer months are the biggest months for burglary. The typical burglar is a young man under 25 years of age who is looking for small, inexpensive items that can quickly be exchanged for cash. A burglar is looking for your cash, your jewelry, your guns, your watches and electronic gear. There’s other articles with videos about home burglary, in the article, First Room the Burglar Invades and, in this article, Burglary Prevention Basics

Often times burglars are stealing in order to support a drug habit.

In selecting a home to steal from, the burglar’s first concern is for his own safety and for not getting caught. So, he is looking for a home that is not occupied. He is looking for easy access and is looking for a home where his entry is unlikely to be observed. He wants good cover and an easy getaway.

So, your first steps in “burglar proofing” a home is to do all you can to make your home look occupied, when you’re in it and not! When your home, make it obvious that your home.

A burglar will, when uncertain, knock at your front door to see if someone answers. So, when someone knocks at your door and you’re not sure who it is, without opening the door, ask “who’s there?”

Doubtless the criminal will make some excuse but will shortly leave.

When you’re not at home there are all sorts of things that you can do to give your home the air of occupancy. Leave a light or two on at least, and the radio or TV on. Get a big pair of size 14 workboots and leave them on your front doorstep!

Avi Ben David is the founder and owner of Mulholland Security Centers, Inc.

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