Mulholland’s gate design, fabrication, and installation are famous throughout the Los Angeles area due to their quality and beauty. 

Aside from the gate fabrication and installation, Mulholland also integrates all the modern security features into the gate – you won’t need to hire other contractors to fully complete your project. 

We can optimize the security provided by your gate by adding these features:

  • Automatic Gate Operators
  • Intercom
  • Videocom
  • Security Cameras
  • Access Control
  • Security Lighting

Our gates are always braced with steel. We make gates out of virtually any construction material, including:

  • Domestic woods, including California Redwood
  • Exotic woods, including South American and Indonesian iron woods
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum (Aluminum and Stainless are excellent beach area materials)
  • Glass (often combined with aluminum or stainless steel for the most contemporary look)
  • Trex and other composite synthetic materials
  • Wrought Iron
  • Steel

There are many styles of gates available and we make them all!

  • Sliding Gates
  • Swing Gates
  • Barrier Gates
  • Vertical Pivot Gates
  • Vertical Lift Gates

For more information regarding our custom made gates, please visit Mulholland’s dedicated-to-gates site,

Security gates and fences are, after proper door and window security, likely the most effective way to safeguard your property, family and pets, and your valuables. 

We’ve been building custom gates and fencing in the Los Angeles area since 1994; we have, perhaps, built and installed more custom made gates than anyone else in the area. 


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Our specialties are hillside and beachside installations. 

Hillside Gates

Hillside properties create challenges in building, and this is particularly true with residential gates. When you visit a hillside neighborhood, look around and you will get a good idea of the challenges that are there for anyone wanting to gate their property. 

If your home is on the side of a hill; wonderful! But you’re probably already aware of some of the challenges in living in a home on a hill side. Why is this? It’s because it’s difficult to make something level that has been built on a curve or a slope.  Yes, it can be done, but getting it done requires an expertise that is not necessary in flat level building.

What is true for your home is also true for the fence and gate that surrounds your property. They have to be designed, fabricated and installed perfectly, or they will look uneven, and won’t operate correctly.

Most of these movements are not recognizable by people when they occur, but they occur nevertheless.

These movements add up!  Over time they can change the alignment of the gate posts and throw off the alignment of the gate and the gate closing mechanisms.

Sagging Gates And Gates That Don’t Close

The end result of this is a gate that is out of alignment and will not open, close or secure properly.  It can also result in a gate that sags and presents a very poor appearance.

No one can prevent the earth from moving.  But a security gate can be installed by technicians who are aware of this problem and have the technology and skills in applying the technology to adapt the gate to this.

When this technology is implemented, the gate stays in alignment, does not sag, and continues to open, close and secure properly.

Mulholland Drive

Our company name is Mulholland Security. From our name, you’d be right if you imagined that we’ve done a lot of work all along Mulholland Drive… from Los Angeles, all the way to the beach at Malibu.   And we’ve also done many other gate and fencing projects in the other hillside and canyon neighborhoods and communities throughout Southern California.

Typically, the property owners in these areas want security gates that are aesthetically very pleasing and that contribute nicely to the overall “look” of the property and home.

These homes are generally built on property that is on a hillside or is of very uneven terrain.  This presents many difficulties in installing a gate that will remain trouble-free.

You Need Experienced Technicians

If you’re considering having a gate installed on a hillside or uneven terrain, it is very important that you select a company that has a lot of successful experience with this type of situation.  You want a gate that is beautiful and gives you security; you don’t want a gate that becomes a consistent expensive problem.

Mulholland Security Centers Inc. has installed hundreds of security gates in and around Beverly Hills and in other hillside neighborhoods and communities throughout Southern California.

Guaranteed Installations

We warranty all our gates and installations. When we install your gate,  we will also schedule with you occasional inspections and adjustments to make sure that your gate remains beautiful, fully functional and trouble free. Even after our warranty period, we offer very affordable service contracts that will continue to keep your gate beautiful and working perfectly as long as you have the gate.

We look forward to contributing to the beauty and safety of your home.


The wind can effect the stability of a gate and can cause
problems with the hinges or arm of the gate operator and
effect how the gate moves. We have seen many gates
getting stuck that won’t open after a storm or high winds.
When you are installing a gate in a windy area, your
planning, fabrication and installation must take this
into account.


Earth Movement Causes Gate Problems

Another problem that is encountered in installing gates on hillside properties is that the earth is moving all the time.  Not only during an earthquake; it’s gradually changing in position at many other times as well.  There are many relatively minor movements in the earth going on constantly, and this is magnified in hill properties.  Even the flow of traffic on adjacent streets can take it’s toll over time.




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