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The Rights and Responsibilities of an American Gun Owner
By Al Fin

Your Right To Bear Arms

 The Founders of our Country were enlightened men, and had long experience with tyrannical governments.  They were familiar with nations who were very oppressive to their citizens. 

They knew that there would be times when force would be necessary to secure or defend the liberties that they had envisioned for us all. 

That is why they created the 2nd amendment:  

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed." 

It is our right to keep and bear arms. We must always defend it. We must make sure that the politicians are not allowed to interfere with or misinterpret our constitutional rights. 

If you are a man in charge of a household, and you care about the safety of yourself, your family, your community and your nation then you should own and be expert in the use of a hand gun and rifle. 

Your Responsibilities As A Gun Owner

You have responsibilities as a gun owner.  These responsibilities are similar to the responsibilities that you have in connection to other powerful tools that you have. 
1.    You need to be expert in its use. 

A huge percentage of deaths and injuries from gun use are the result of inexpert people handling them.  The way to handle this is just the same way you learned how to handle your car or your power saw: learn how to use it.

Guns, Cars… and Plywood

When you first drove a car or ripped plywood, it's a likelihood that you were "grooved in" by someone who knew what he was doing.  It's the same with a gun or rifle.  Learn gun handling by someone who really knows what he is doing. 
You probably know; there are a lot of guys who protect their image by saying that they know guns and yet, don't.

Harleys And Guns

I knew a fellow - with over 20 years of riding Harley Davidsons in clubs and well respected - who took a course in riding Harleys from a Superbike School. His buddies laughed as they thought they knew it all - but a few hours of expert instruction later and my friend had a whole new level of competence in handling his bike - and a lot of grudging admiration from those who had been laughing. 

Learn how to handle a gun for real by someone who really knows.  Hell; go to a school if you are not sure.  But don't settle for lousy instruction from some fake macho man who really doesn't know what he is doing. And don't you be so dumb as to pretend you know what you are doing with a firearm when you really don't.  There isn't any DNA in you that makes you natively capable of handling a gun well just because you have a 5:00 shadow. 

Recognizing that you don't know something when you don't - and then doing what it takes to get competent - is a lot more manly than pretending that you already know all about a handgun when you really don't.  Actually, this last is not manly; it's childish, and dangerous, too. 

2.    Keep your gun cleaned, and keep it safe. 

Remember that I mentioned there were similarities between the handling of your gun and the handling of your power tools?  It is the same with maintenance and storage. 

There are lots of fingers - and lives - that have been lost just because a man did not keep his power saw - or his gun - clean and in good shape.

And there have been too many children who have lost their fingers or their lives because a saw - or a handgun or rifle - was not properly secured.

What Gun Control Has To Do With You.

There is a lot of talk about the pros and cons of gun control.  It usually gets big after someone really screwed up gets hold of a gun and does mischief.  Or a kid happens upon Daddy's rifle in the closet. 

Did you know? Nearly one-third of all violent crime in the United States is committed with guns stolen from the homes of law abiding Americans. 

"Gun Control" legislated into our lives to take our arms away is not going to save anyone's life. "Gun Control" in our own homes - knowing how to properly use our guns, clean them, maintain them and store them in proper gun safes - is something that we all must practice in order to save lives and preserve our liberty and security.