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Business Burglarly Prevention Tips
By Avi Ben David

Everyone in the Business Plays a Part in Security

In all businesses, the business owner, the managers and employees all play a part of it making their business safe and secure.  There are simple steps to do to help prevent robbery and there are other vital steps one must follow if the business is held up. 

Here are some things that can be done to make your business a safer place:

  • Make sure your business is kept very clean and neat.  This includes your storefront.  Cooperate with and organize your area businesses to do graffiti cleanups and take other actions to make your immediate environment orderly.  Your customers will appreciate your clean and orderly environment; criminals typically do not.
  • Keep personal belongings locked in employees desks and lockers.
  • Install a robbery alarm, security cameras and closed-circuit TV.
  • Place a surveillance camera behind the cash register facing the front counter.  Make sure that you have an up-to-date DVD or longplaying videotape system installed.
  • Don't put up displays advertisements posters or other items on doors or windows that would obstruct the view of the cash register from inside or outside of your shot.  You need to be able to see the cash register from the back of the building and the cops, security personnel and passersby need to be able to see and from the outside.
  • Replace any burned out lights that you have that prevents the building from being well lit inside or outside.
  • Keep your outside landscaping in good shape so that you look clean and neat and so you don't block visibility to the business or block any outdoor lights.
  • Keep in touch with your local police department.  Welcome them to drop by from time to time.  Learn the names of the officers who patrol your area.
  • Have at least two employees open and close the business.
  • Take particular care after dark.  When an employee is cleaning the parking lot area or taking out the trash, make sure another employee inside the business stays in eye contact with him. 
  • Put up signage: "Cashier does not have access to safe", "Cashier Does Not Have Access To More Than $20 Change"

Dealing with your Customers

  • Do your best to greet each individual customer as they enter your business.  Look them straight in the eye, while asking if they need help.  Sometimes just a friendly little bit of attention will "turn off" a robber causing him to leave the building.
  • Keep alert!  Be aware of who is in the shop and where they are.  Keep a lookout for people who hang around without buying anything.  When suspicious characters hang around the outside of your building, take note, and call the police if there's any concern.  If you can do it without drawing attention to yourself, right down the license numbers of suspicious vehicles seen in your parking lot.

Your Banking Routines

  • Create a changing schedule of travel and routes for bank deposits.

  • When you do a bank deposit don't bring your money in the marked money bags that the bank provides for deposits.  This is an open advertisement that you're carrying money.

Cash Registers and Cash on Hand

  • In the cash register, keep a very low balance.  
  • Handle money discreetly.  When customers try to pay with large bills ask if something smaller is available.  Explain that you keep very little cash on hand.
  • Any unused cash registers should be left open and empty.  You can tilt the register drawer to show there's no money in it.
  • At any point where a large quantity of money comes into the shop, place it in a safe or deposit it as soon as possible.
  • Should a robber come into your business and demand money:
  • Put your safety first.  Your life is infinitely more important than any money or merchandise.
  • Cooperate with him.  This is for your safety and for the sake of others.  To what the robber says.  Do your best remain calm.  Relax as best you can.  Try and take mental notes of the robber's appearance and any other important data that you feel might be helpful to the police.
  • Don't originate communication.  Just answer the robber's questions.
  • Don't stare at the robber.
  • Don't move suddenly. 
  • Keep your hands in sight at all times.
  • Remember the robber is on edge and nervous.  You don't want him surprised as that could cause him to act without thinking and cause harm.  If someone is coming out of a back room or vault or working in another area of the business, tell the robber.  You don't want your fellow employee to inadvertently surprise and frighten the robber.
  • Don't chase the robber or follow him out of your business.  Note the direction that he left and any other pertinent details to give to the police.
  • If you have a silent alarm available and only if you can reach it without being noticed, use it.  If there is any chance at all of the robber seeing you, wait until he leaves.

After the Robbery

  • Call the police
  • If feasible, close the business until police arrive.
  • Calm any hysterical people.
  • Do your best not to change things or touch things or pick up things that the robber may have left. 
  • Ask all employees and patrons who witnessed the robbery to remain until police arrive.  If a patron must leave, ask for their name and contact data in case a report is needed. 
  • Report to your manager or owner what has occured. 
  • Cooperate with the police in giving them your information. 

Avi Ben David is the founder and owner of Mulholland Security Centers, Inc.

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