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Outdoor Mailboxes Must Be Locked

By Dan Locke

Outdoor Mailbox? You need to make it secure!

You need a mailbox that locks to have the security you need to prevent identity theft and keep your mail secure.  Locking your mailbox is the first step in preventing identity theft and making sure that your credit cards, checks and other valuables arrive to you safely.


Locking mailboxes

Your unlocked, wood-posted mailbox is an open invitation to criminals.  It says, “Here I am, come and get me!”

A lot of people put off installing a locked mailbox as it is a big job – and it takes a lot of skill. 

You want your mailbox to look beautiful at your roadside or driveway. It’s easy to do it wrong, and have it end up not standing perfectly, giving it a slanted appearance. 

Your Theft-Proof Mailbox Installed Within 48 hours!

Mulholland Security Center’s professional, uniformed technicians have installed hundreds of mailboxes and we do it every day of the week. We adhere strictly to the post office regulations regarding height and distance from the road. We are thoroughly trained in the best procedures for the installation. Every aspect of the installation is something that we take care of personally: whether that requires a concrete pour or with special concrete expansion bolting. 

You will have your mailbox securely installed within 48 hours of your request. It will be completely professionally done, dramatically enhancing your landscape and your home. 

Best Prices And Most Experienced Installation

In that we install so many mailboxes, we have made special arrangements with the best manufacturers to get discounts for our volume.  We pass these discounts on to you. 

What Are The Best Models To Protect My Mail?

We have evaluated all the different secure mailboxes that are available and can help in your buying decisions.  Our most popular mailboxes are the highest rated in terms of security. Here are our most popular boxes:Picture of Model 4325

This is our most popular model.  It is available in green, black, silver and white powder coated finishes. Its dimensions are 12.5” wide by 13.625" high by 18.25" deep. 

It’s made entirely of aluminum. It is very easy for you to get your mail out – both from the front and the back – but a very difficult problem for a thief.  The thief is looking for the easy targets in your neighborhood; not the strongest mailbox on the block!

There’s a bigger model that looks just about exactly the same as the 4325 above.  The only difference is in the dimensions. 

This model, the 4350, is just a few inches bigger in every direction. It is perfect if you subscribe to a lot of the large format periodicals. It’s dimensions are 14.375" wide by 17.25" high by 23" deep.

Model 4350

There is another model that is quite popular, the model 4750. It is popular with people who want a smaller appearance for their mailbox. Its dimensions are 17" wide by 15" high by 8" deep.  This is actually big enough for most of the largest periodicals, but it isn’t very deep. 

There are other secure mailboxes that are available.  We will get you the mailbox you want and the proper, beautiful, sturdy installation. 

Whatever box you decide upon, get it installed right – the first time – by a professional -- not by an inexperienced amateur.  Give us a call at 888.562.5638 and we will have your mailbox secure within 24 hours. 


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