Which Locking Mailboxes Do Security Professionals Recommend?

By Dan Locke

We Have Researched Hundreds Of Different Mailboxes.

In our more than 20 years of operation, Mulholland Security Centers’ security technicians have installed several hundred locking security mailboxes.There are many different brands and designs and there are varying levels of quality on the market.

We Will Install Any Brand Locking Mailbox

You may have found a brand or style that we are not endorsing here. If you would like to be sure you have made a right choice, call us and we will tell you about the box you have in question.

Rest assured, you can have any brand mailbox professionally installed by Mulholland Security Center.

Salisbury Industries of Los Angeles Manufacture The Highest Quality Mailboxes

There are literally thousands of mailboxes that are available on the market. Many are of excellent quality, some of them poor.

Most of the mailboxes offered by the various manufacturers are not lockable and secure. These mailboxes are not suggested for security purposes.

Very few secure, locking mailboxes are of excellent quality and also pleasing to the eye.

We have found that the highest quality and most attractive are made by Salisbury Industries of Los Angeles, Ca. (

Salisbury has been in business since 1936; they manufacture amongst the highest quality mailboxes in the world.

Our Recommended Salisbury Locking Mailboxes

This is our most popular model.  It is available in green, black, silver and white powder coated finishes. Its dimensions are 12.5” wide by 13.625" high by 18.25" deep.

It’s made entirely of aluminum. It is very easy for you to get your mail out – both from the front and the back – but a very difficult problem for a thief.  The thief is looking for the easy targets in your neighborhood; not the strongest mailbox on the block!

Same design and color, but a bit bigger:

This looks just like the model pictured above, and is available in the same colors, but it is about 15% bigger.

It is perfect if you subscribe to a lot of the large format periodicals. Its dimensions are 14.375" wide by 17.25" high by 23" deep.
Click here to get an info sheet on all the 4300 series.

For Smaller Homes with less mail:

There is another model that is quite popular, the model 4750. It is popular with people who want a smaller appearance for their mailbox. Its dimensions are 17" wide by 15" high by 8" deep.  This is actually big enough for most of the largest periodicals, but it isn’t very deep.

Click here for more info about the 4700 series

We Pass On Our Discounts To You.

 Because of the volume of business that we have with Salisbury, we are able to get you their mailboxes at a substantial discount and we are happy to pass that discount on to you.

Don’t See What You Like?

Many boxes are decorative, but not secure.  If you find a mailbox that you like and are wondering if it could be made into a locking mailbox, call us with the make and model number of the box you are considering and we will tell you what we could do to make it secure.

Don’t Forget The Post!

Should you decide to buy your own mailbox, don’t forget to order the corresponding post to mount it on! If you are not offered a post as an accessory to a mailbox purchase online, don’t buy it! You might be stuck with a mailbox that is very difficult or expensive to install.


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